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Payroll Year

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Payroll Year Company's payroll year can be set in this section. There is also provision to carry forward any pending leave of employees for next payroll year.

Attendance Rule

Attendance Rule In this section you can set rule for employee attendance like half day working time, full day working time, exceptional day working time, early coming applicable, late-coming applicable etc.

Leave Master

leave master

In this section you can set all types of leaves for employees like wise PL, SL, CL. Conditions like whether to carry forward the leave or not, applicable during probation period and leaves are encashable or not can be set in this section.


Leave Configuration

leave Configuration You can configure leave format in this section. If your organization is giving leave based on earn leave then there is a provision to set the rule for this. You can also configure the validation for applying leave such as Alert and Process, Alert and lock transaction, lock transaction without alert or Process without alert etc.

Leave Encashment

Earned leave encashment software When the provision is enbled to encash employees' pending leaves, using this section, employees can check whether they have any pending leave for enchashment.

Manual Attendance

manual attendance Companies can also activate the mannual attendance section in case if the biometric or any other automatic process stops working, also in cases of the the employee is on a on-site duty. The employee can easily record his/her attendance from anywhere without any difficulty.