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Employee Self Service in HRMS

Employee Self Service section in eresource HRMS gives lot of liberty to employees. The section allows the employees to have the facility to check and print necessary information pertaining their service information.

Following are the features available in Employee Self Service module in eresource HRMS


The section allows the employees apply their leave, loan application from anywhere at any time without any need of going anywhere. A return acknowledgement will forwarded to the employee from the organization whether his/her application is approved or not.

Account Details

Employees can check all their account details like PF, loan Installment from anytime. Employees can also easily access salary slip. They can also take a print or download their salary slip.

Employee Creation

Employees can create their profile and keep all his updated information of their employment.

Leave Application

Employee will able to apply for the leave from anywhere. This section will show the employee about pending leaves, earned leaves and record of leave taken. Based on that this information he/she can apply for the leave.

Daily Attendance

eresource HRMS will give you a very effective daily attendance sheet. You can easily differentiate the presence, absence, outdoor, holiday or leave as it will be displayed in different colour pattern.

Application Status

Employee will able to see the status for all the applications like loan, leave, advance request etc

Expense Booking

In this section the employee will be able to insert all the expense details that has incurred during his on-site work period.

Salary Slip

Employee will get access to look at his salary slip. One can even take the print of the salary slip from any time anywhere. This section in eresource HRMS will help employees to create salary slip in few minutes.