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Deliverable/KPI en dem enq demo
deliverable KPI,Deliverable VS KPI In this section of eresource HRMS, organizations will be check the performance of their employee towards client and organization.
Assigning Deliverable  
Assign deliverable

In this section you can assign employees' deliverable meansurement of Key Performance Indicators or KPI, Standard, Weightage, target etc.

You can assign competency like Practitioner, Expert etc.

You can also give feedback to your employees' on their job work.

Rating View  
Rating View In this section employees can rate themselves about their performance and rating etc..
Delivarable KPI  

From this section one can see the rating given to them in feedback from other section and they can give the rating to the others from feedback to other section.

Their is also provision to see the list of people under them and list of people from top hierarchy.

Appraisal Rating  
Report of appraisal rating This is the report where you can see the final appraisal rating.