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Requisition Vaccancy en dem enq demo
Requisition Vaccancy Organizations can update available job openings in this form. The form also has the facility to indicate the requirements of each openings and further formalities of evaluation process.
Resume Posting  
Resume Posting eresource HRMS recruitment form provides the provision to keep complete information of the candidate who applied for the post such as Previous Employement, Education and Training Details, Additional Information and Interview Details which will help the organization selecting the appropriate candidate.
Evaluate Resume  
 Evaluate resume This form in eresource HRMS Recruitment section will gives a provision to set the criteria for each openings on the basis of its requirement. This will help the organization to evaluate an appropriate application quickly.
Short-listing Resume  
shortlisting Resume Selecting appropriate resume from thousands of resumes is very tedious job but Short-listing Resume facility in eresource HRMS will carry out this exercise very smoothly in few minutes. In this section the system will select only those resume which matches the requirement and will display the different candidates in one screen so that the comparison could be an easy process.
Schedule Interview  
Schedule Interview

Once the appropriate candidates are selected you can schedule the interview with the help of this form. There is also provision in the form to showcase all the selected resumes in the one screen for the convenience of a quick reference and date schedule.