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esic erp module, esic software

This component calculates the Employee State Insurance (ESI) contribution on the basis of the amount deducted from the salary of the employee; to be made by the employer.

ESIC is applied only to eligible employees as per the stipulated rule.

Professional Tax

Professional tax software

This section provides functions and processes that compute the professional tax deductions of an employee. Professional tax is a statutory tax that state governments levy on professions, trades, and employment. Professional Tax functionality in the eresource HRMS System only covers the Professional Tax applicable on employee salaries.

Individual State Governments decide the rules applicable for computing the professional tax in their state. The Central Government, under the Constitution of India, fixes the limit on professional tax that the State Governments can charge.

Provident Fund

Provident Fund software

This section helps organization create and maintain information on employee Provident Fund. Provident Fund is a statutory contribution, and consists of two parts: Provident Fund (PF) - Both, the employee and the employer, contribute a fixed percentage of the basic salary towards a Provident Fund account. The minimum percentage contributed is as specified by the authorities.