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eresource don't need a big introduction. We are a dedicated ERP development firm that serves in all major industry verticals with its most efficient and reliable ERP solution for the last eight years. However, realizing the need of an effective Human Resource Management System (HRMS) for small and mid-sized companies in India, we have proudly introduced an HRMS solution that not only economically viable but also a must have solution for all companies with a minimum 50 employees.

Why eresource HRMS?

The answer is simple. With ersource cloud-based HRMS solution, you have a good HRMS technology available to smaller companies. Eresource HRMS make it possible for small to mid-sized companies acquire a sophisticated HRMS package at a fraction of the cost that would have been incurred for a HR solution a couple of years ago.

The team

When we talk of our firm, eresource have a multifaceted team of professionals who are highly experienced and specialized in the industry. Equipped with newest technological advancements and techniques, we provide extensive quality services to our clients.