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Time Management in HRMS

Time Management doesn't mean just the management of personal time schedules but in a wider concept it refers to the development of processes and tools that increase efficiency and productivity. Time Management section in eresource HRMS does just that.

Time Management in eresource HRMS is a comprehensive workforce management application that enables you to manage and keep control of your employees' attendance online and in real time. The system automates company's processes by integrating seamlessly with the HRM system that consists of HR, payroll, benefits and recruiting applications, as well as optional web-based manager/employee self-service functions.

Eresource HRMS can help companies save a good amount of money in payroll expenses by efficiently providing an effective solution for all its requirements.

Key benefits of Time Management system in HRMS

  • Web-based user interface to inspire your employees.
  • Employee and supervisor self-service features to eliminate the burden of manual processes.
  • Roles-based security to ensure only relevant data is delivered to appropriate users.
  • Auditing functions to guarantee accuracy and compliance for all payroll information.
  • A variety of data collection options
  • Built-in labor, attendance, and payroll reports.